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9 Simple Ways To Make Your Online Business Look More Professional

Building an online business often means you’re on your own and starting from scratch, but once you’re up and running somewhat smoothly, it’s time to start cleaning up your business and separating the personal from the professional. Here is 9 steps to help you achieve that goal.

4 Myths of Social Media Marketing

Along with the realization that social media marketing is here to stay, many myths about social media have been spread that have caused confusion and disillusionment when the return on investment didn’t materialize or wasn’t apparent. Read more …

Does Your Logo Meet These Five Brand Rules?

Many small businesses have inherited a logo from “back in the day,” when nobody had time to really put together something proper. It stuck around and managed to survive. But is your logo still working for you and performing its primary function — building recognition? When placed on your marketing collateral, does it …

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Design of your company’s Season’s Greeting & Printable Card

Mindfield December Special Offer: 50% off


We will design and set up your company’s S...

Hosting Clients moving over to Webafrica in September 2016

We will be assisting all our hosting clients in the easy process of creating direct accounts with Webafrica.

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Please support Almenkerk Wine Estate, here is the newsletter that we designed that went out highlighting their...