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Consumer Protection Act – Regulations for Direct Marketing

Extract from South Africa’s new Consumer Protection Act of April 2011, particularly dealing with regulations on the consumer’s right to restrict unwanted direct marketing, and the prohibited time for contacting consumers.


This impacts everyone se…

Copyright in South Africa – Author vs Copyright

Are you a client or designer that are paid to create a design for a client? The author of a copyright work is generally the person who makes or creates the work, but this is not always the case. If you commission artwork or design work and have fully paid for it then you will be the copyright owner. Please read more on …

The Consumer Protection Act for the Business Owner

The new Consumer Protection Act is going to have a huge impact on virtually every business in South Africa.  We therefore thought that we wou…

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Why we love what we do

Never a dull moment at Mindfield Design as we work on diverse projects for different clients, each with their own target market,...

Hosting Clients moving over to Webafrica in September 2016

We will be assisting all our hosting clients in the easy process of creating direct accounts with Webafrica.

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