Hosting Clients moving over to Webafrica in September 2016

If you are currently paying us monthly or 6-monthly for the hosting of your domain(s), this is being done on the Webafrica servers.


We have decided to focus our attention on what we’re good at, which is design and marketing, and leave the hosting to the people that focus on that (which is Webafrica). They are more geared towards support and day-to-day queries on email setup and hosting.


webafrica-logoWe will be assisting all our hosting clients in the easy process of creating their Webafrica accounts, and then assigning the existing website and email hosting to their direct account, so that they can pay them directly every month. This will happen during the course of September 2016.




• As Webafrica has created some new reduced-rate hosting packages in the last few months, you will be able to benefit from these new lower rates if you create your new account.
• Webafrica has a dedicated support team that operates from 6am until midnight every day that will be able to assist you with any queries and/or walk you through any setup problems you may encounter in future.
• Your login details and passwords should stay the same, as nothing on the server is moved, only the account will be assigned to a new user (you).
• In order to create your account easily online, they have advised me of a FREE 1GB ADSL internet package that you can sign up for online in order to capture all your contact details.



1. Go to:

2. Scroll down to Choose how many Gigs you want




3. Click on the white arrow on the left until you see 1GB: from midnight to 6am – R0.00/month

4. Click on ORDER NOW and follow the online instructions to create your Webafrica account.

5. Let Mindfield Design know that you have created your account so that we can go to STEP2.




• Once this has been set up you can use your free 1GB internet, and we (Mindfield Design) can then go to Step 2 which is to send an email to Webafrica instructing them to allocate your domain to your new account.
• Step 3 will be for you to forward the email from Mindfield back to indicating that you AGREE with this change.


All future hosting or email support queries will then have to go through Webafrica, by calling their support number 086 000 9500 (6am – midnight) or emailing


Mindfield Design remains dedicated to maintaining and updating your website when required, and will continue to do so at our normal hourly rate of R450/hr.


Please contact Mindield Design if you have any questions or concerns regarding this change, and we will endeavor to assist you best we can.

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